Wisdom Teeth and Free Lesson Plans

My youngest son had his wisdom teeth surgically extracted this morning. Unfortunately for him, he had 6 of them. Everything went well, and he is now recovering. But this got me questioning why those teeth are called “wisdom teeth”, so I did a little research to find out.

According to deardoctor.com, they are actually 3rd molars, but they develop a lot later than the rest. Because they do appear when you are older, they are called wisdom teeth because one could assume that you are “wiser” at this age. (Note that his originated in the 17th Century.)

This also got me thinking about teeth in elementary school. Kids are losing teeth all the time, and every time it’s a really big deal! Students get so excited about it, don’t they?

I came across a website that offers FREE lesson plans about teeth. You can even sign up to have free toothbrushes delivered to your classroom. Go to Kool Smiles and check it out.

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