One of the best classroom management strategies I have involves using the days of the week. When I explain it to my students and begin to use it, they agree that it is fair and easy. Students want things to be fair, so it works well.

At the beginning of the year, I assign students to groups labeled with the days of the week. I believe it is important to put some thought into these groupings, taking gender, behavior issues, special needs, etc. into consideration. Once the groups are established, these groups may be utilized in a multitude of ways. Listed below are a few of those ways:

  • Lining up – On Mondays, that group comes first, then Tues., Wed., etc. On Tuesdays, that group comes first, then Wed., Thurs., etc…
  • Cooperative Groups – Each day-labeled group works together.
  • Helpers – The members of each group are responsible for certain jobs on their assigned day.
  • Centers – For example, I have a puzzle in my classroom that students can work on when they are finished with their assignments, on their day of the week.
  • Requests – Sometimes a staff member will ask for a student or a few students to come help out in their classroom. An example of this is a request for older students to help younger students with projects. It’s an easy decision when you just use the day of the week to decide for you!
  • Day’s End – The day’s group makes sure the classroom is straightened up at the end of the day.

I am positive that there are many other instances in which this strategy will be effective in managing your classroom. Please add a comment if you have one to share.

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