It’s been a busy week and a half. It’s crazy how quickly time goes by when a person is busy. Launching a home-based business with three different arms is a lot of work!

One of the pieces of my home-based business has to do with this page, Elementary Teacher Hacks. Not only do I want to provide teachers with free resources and information, I want to provide paid content as well. (Hey, we all want to earn a few more dollars to put in our pockets, right?) So, I’ve been working on content to put on this blog and website. For now though, because of the simplicity of doing it, I’ve begun posting my ideas and work on my website store with Teachers Pay Teachers. I am still learning about coding and maintaining an independent online store so I figured TPT is a great place to start.

Another piece of my business is driving for lyft. As a driver for this company, I am considered an independent contractor. This means I can work whenever I want and go wherever I want. I love the independence of that. We teachers are rather autonomous, aren’t we? I sure have met some interesting people!

The last piece of the business puzzle is the one I am MOST excited about. If you haven’t heard of the Helo, you will soon. It has just begun to make its debut in the United States. The technology in this very much SMARTER watch than all the others is the technology of the future. I have partnered with Wor(l)d Global Network and am an official distributor for this product. In all my years of being in the wellness industry (25 years to be exact) as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I have never seen anything like it. This is going to help A LOT of people. If you want more information about this, send me a message or comment.

In between all of that, been doing a lot of reading, both professionally and personally. I’ve been making an effort to spend more time alone with God, which is making a big difference for me spiritually too. Man, and right around the corner is the beginning of a new school year. Yikes, time flies!

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