In 2011, I walked away from my classroom and my career as a teacher. Four years later, I came back.

Like you, I am an Elementary Teacher.

My experience includes classroom teaching grades 1-5, private piano teaching ages 5-67, and tutoring grades 1-8.

When I shut my classroom door and left my teaching career, one of the things I was frustrated about was that I was spending so much of my personal time searching for teaching and classroom management resources. And I was spending a lot of money too!

Finding good resources and lesson plans for elementary students is difficult. Finding time to search for those resources is painstaking! You spend your evenings and weekends searching for that “just right” content. You lose precious personal and family time. Or perhaps you spend your few minutes before the students come rushing in, or your valuable planning time, trying to find that last-minute worksheet or lesson enhancement. Am I right or is it just me?

My goal is to provide quality lesson plan components and classroom management resources for real teachers (you) to use in real classrooms. I want to help teachers save time. Unlike so many other teacher websites, I am also here to build a community of teachers and lifelong learners and provide support, with a personal touch, to busy elementary teachers who want to spend less time searching, have more personal time, and have more time to simply teach.

Please be patient with me! This site is a work in progress. I will be adding new resources weekly.

Thank you for checking out ElementaryTeacherHacks.com. I’d love to hear from you via email or the comment sections if you have any suggestions.


Founder and Creator of ElementaryTeacherHacks.com