The Time I Worked in City Government

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Working for the municipal government where I live was a whole new ballgame. Because I had been running my own businesses, I was used to being my own boss and setting my own hours. It was hard to adjust to the 8-5 with a 1-hour lunch, M-F kind of schedule! I had started in February and when summer came, I found myself staring out the window all the time. For the first time in 32 years, I was working all day, every weekday, during the summer. Ugh, it was horrible!

The great thing about this job however, was getting the opportunity to work in the accounting field again. This had always been an interest of mine and I was excited about the job. It provided me with great benefits, and the pay wasn’t bad. The workload was light and basically stress free, so I had a lot of time to think. I became bored quickly. The longer I worked there the more I started thinking about being a teacher again, and I found myself missing the classroom and being a member of the education community.

One of the things I missed about being a member of a school community was the feeling of being part of a team working for a common goal. I missed the positive working environment where people focused on helping and encouraging others. Even though being a teacher is extremely difficult, it can be extremely rewarding too. I missed the look on students faces when they “got it”. I missed the art of teaching and the opportunities for using my creativity in creating lessons and activities. I missed feeling like I was making a difference. I missed purpose.

I applied for teaching jobs with the two local school districts where I live but was unsuccessful. That was very discouraging! I was finally hired as an instructional coach for an organization that served a very large area. The job consisted of me driving to about 6 different schools every day, which meant about 2-4 hours of driving in one day, depending on the location of the school. I was not looking forward to driving, and I was nervous about all that driving during the winter months. (Winters can be brutal around here!) But, I really wanted to leave my accounting job and get back into education, so I dove right in.

I had given my notice at the City and was slowly preparing to leave. My accounting position was open and interviews had been scheduled. Then, the unthinkable happened.

A few days before the interviews were scheduled to begin, I was taking a short day trip and was driving on an interstate highway. My sister was in the front passenger seat and my son was in the back. While I was driving on the interstate, I had a seizure (another story for another day). Were it not for the quick thinking of my sister and my son that day, we likely would’ve been killed. My life was saved that day in more ways than one. But, because of that seizure, I had lost the privilege of driving for at least three months. This meant that I couldn’t take the instructional coaching job after all. I came back to the City on the following Monday and asked for my job back. They were happy to keep me, and the interviewees were called with the news right away. I ended up working for the City another year before I finally got the teaching job I wanted. It was a long and frustrating year.

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