Why I Went Back to Teaching

This is Chapter 4 of 4. To read the entire series in sequence, start here.

Working for the City was incredibly boring. Every month I did the exact same thing. I wasn’t into office gossip, which was rampant! At least when working with kids, I could control the behavior of talking badly about others. I could tell the kids to “be nice”. You can’t really do that with adults. Especially in a closed office space! Ugh! I was so frustrated. I began to realize that this job was not going to work for me

I started thinking about teaching. I made a list of 50 Things I Liked About Being a Teacher. Some of the things on the list included:

  • those “aha” moments
  • being part of a team
  • books! books! books! (I love reading to and with kids.)
  • I made a difference
  • planning lessons (I love to do this!)
  • treated professionally
  • autonomy
  • felt like my own boss
  • felt important
  • I could use my creativity
  • free popcorn (couldn’t help it)
  • summers off (Let’s be honest, this is AWESOME!)
  • plain and simple, I like working with kids
  • plain and simple, I like teaching

Eventually I made another list of Why Do I Want to Teach? Some of the things on this list included:

  • I love to help students succeed
  • I like to see how parents respond when they see their kids succeed
  • I love the “challenge” of working with kids (really, I do!)
  • I would be using my education, degrees, and credentials to the best of my ability
  • I would feel more respected and professional
  • I would have more credibility
  • I can leave at 4 (haha)
  • I like to teach and I’m good at it

As my lists got longer and the more I thought about it, I knew I had to go back. I felt confident that being a teacher was what I was supposed to do. There is no profession like it and it is HARD! But it is also FULFILLING and IMPORTANT. Schools need great teachers. More importantly, STUDENTS need great teachers.

Leaving and coming back makes being a teacher different this time. I knew what to expect going in. I knew it was going to be hard. I knew I would have really frustrating days, months, even years. But after getting a chance to do other things, explore other professions I had been interested in, and getting a taste of NOT being a teacher, I know I’m finally back in the right place.

And finally, THIS is why I started this website. I want to help teachers with finding resources and saving time. My hope is that having these resources and support will help teachers avoid burnout and not end up feeling hopeless like I did.

It’s important for teachers to have personal and family time. They need a chance to decompress. DAILY. If this website and its resources help with that, then my mission is complete.